Sunday, July 3, 2011

Their Little Puppies!!

Hi all!

Well I'm back from Oregon...It was a whirlwind trip.  But it was WONDERFUL!!  This is what we work and look forward too all year long.  8 graduates this year!! AWESOME!!

My husband did an awesome job watching Bella and the babies and from what I hear Zim pouted all weekend...So he was easy to care for.  Also, thanks to Michelle & John Arndt (Astro's co-raisers & Henry's sister & brother in law) for taking Astro for the weekend and helping out taking the weekly pictures of the puppies.  Finally to my mom for always being their for us and helping out when and where ever possible.

Ok, now for the PUPS!!!  When I left Thursday night half of them had their eyes open but they still couldn't focus, they were what I call them blobs... They can't walk yet, they just scoot around and they can't see yet...The easiest part of being a breeder caretaker...

When I got home...They were Little Puppies!!!  All of their eyes are open and they were actually sitting up and walking around (still wobbly) but walking!!  They're little puppies now!!!

That was Monday night.  Now it's late Saturday night...they have found their voices and started interacting with each other!!  They've even started interacting with their 1st stuffy toy!!

Next week we're going to start puppy smush...That's when the hard work will begin!!

For now, here are some more cute pictures of them!



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