Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Hi all!

Pups are all doing well and we survived the 4th of July!!  Here in Lakewood it's legal to have safe and sane fireworks.  But we ALWAYS have "those neighbors" who purchase the illegal kind and want to blow up the neighborhood!  Of course, this is also the week that we need to keep the puppies environment stable and quiet, as their ears are opening and their eyes are starting to focus more on things.  Even more importantly it's the 1st puppy fear stage and they tend to startle easily.

So, we had them in their room with the portable AC on all day and evening.  Their favorite radio station going... "The Wave" (soothing music) and momma Bella hanging out with them.  Well, let me tell you they must have looked at the calendar and realized it was a holiday because they were so loud and playing with each other!! It was so cute!

We took their 4th of July pictures... (see below)... and they got their 1st taste of puppy mush!!  What a way to celebrate!  They LOVED it!!

While the neighborhood sounded like a war zone with all of the fireworks, horns and cheers, Michelle (Henry's sister) and I hand fed them their 1st canned puppy food.  Oh my gosh!!  Their teeth are coming in and they were showing Michelle and I how well they can chomp!  We kept saying poor momma Bella...Those teeth are sharp.  At this time Bella was laying outside of the box taking a snooze, but every once in a while she would look up at us like, "yes they have teeth!"

So now the real work begins...Puppy mush = puppy poop!!  Which = more puppy laundry!! and more work for us!  Don't get me wrong we LOVE having puppies...It's just a lot of work and intermittent sleep.

So for are their 4th of July pictures!!




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